Cassie Kolls

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? Find out who you are and do it on purpose.   

Who’s your role model for going "above and beyond expectations"?
My mother. She has shown me the importance of putting your heart and soul into everything you do no matter how difficult it may seem. She has also instilled the value of serving others and putting them before yourself.    
A mixture of the Favorites:

  • Favorite Band: Mumford & Sons
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy! I studied abroad there in college and fell in love with the culture, language, and food :)
  • Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Favorite Book: Redeeming Love
  • Favorite Pie:  Pretty much any type of dessert I am going to love!        

What’s your favorite "guilty pleasure"? Mexican food! I could eat every day.
What’s the most fun thing about working at MP?   The people! Everyone in the group is fun and energetic, but they also work extremely hard. I have learned so much about work ethic from being around the MP team.

Name one thing about yourself that would surprise people? I absolutely love cheesy country music...I think it’s so fun!